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Collegiate Learning

Academic Intervention Services: Study Hall for Homeschool Students

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Does your student, procrastinate doing their schoolwork, neglect completing assignments, or need help understanding portions of their work?

    Using the Collegiate Learning student planner/organizer students, in grades 6-12, will meet with an Academic Coach to discuss their daily or weekly schoolwork. Accountability to schoolwork completion will be stressed. This course is great for working homeschool parents who need extra assistance. 

    Monday- Thursday Check-in -20 minutes reviewing what the student has learned. Small groups ( no more than six students). 

    This class is ideal for reluctant and struggling learners who need accountability and follow-up in their schoolwork. Neurodivergent college-bound learners will find this class ideal due to the study, reading, and time management skills that will be shared. 

    Parents are expected to provide weekly plans of the schoolwork their young adults should complete weekly, so that schoolwork (or homework) can be completed. Accountability is key in this session. 

    Cost: 100.00 for five days, 80.00 for four days, and 25.00 for once a week.