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A Safe Place to Write CLUB

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A Safe Place to Write is the place for BIPOC writers to explore their writing and respond to writing criticism while being guided in the process. It is also the place where students set high goals, receive encouragement and excel as writers. Insightful club

Ongoing Club
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Multicultural Writing for the College-Bound Learners Who Want to Be Published!

Learners who complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify themes and analyze college-level multicultural short stories, plays and novel excerpts.
  • Compose literary analysis papers based on reading
  • Discuss how literature relates to life experience
  • Familiarize themselves with award-winning literature that relates to BIPOC cultures.
  • Engage in college-level analysis of literature and writing.
  • Complete a publishing plan.
  • Critique writing
  • Get published in a journal or other literary magazine.


$25.00 per session