Our mission is simple. We empower learners to unlock their potential and to become master communicators through our practical classes and evidence-based teaching methods.     

Our Story from Our Founder:

My excitement when I first started college was quickly shattered when I realized my English 101 students struggled with writing almost as much as some of my high school student. One young man said to me, after taking just one of my writing seminars, “It all makes sense now. In high school people kept telling me what I was doing wrong but they couldn’t tell me how to fix it.”

Over the years, I have been showing students how to fix their writing. Research indicates reading, and its complement writing, are vital to college, career and life success. Over the years I have been joined by other educators who share in my enthusiasm to help students become master communicators.

  • Preparing for College & Beyond

    Set your student up for success. Our virtual classes are interactive and are culturally informed, preparing students for college and beyond.

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  • A Team of Talented Teachers

    With a combined experience over of 125 years, our team of teachers come together to provide students with a holistic learning experience.

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  • Writing Across the Curriculum

    This writing approach not only produces superior writers, but eclectic thinkers; students who think beyond the obvious.

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